How physically demanding is this event?

People of all fitness levels will enjoy the event and be able to compete! Participants do not have to be trained triathletes to be able to compete. However, Fitness and Endurance are important in the Elite Division.

What type of Bike can I use?

Mountain or Road, it is up to you. As long as it is not motorized or assisted in any way. Tandem bikes are also acceptable.

What is the route of the course?

There is no designated route for your team to travel on.  Checkpoints will be given and it is up to your team’s race strategy to find the best route.

Will my bike be safe?

Locking your bike is your choice. We will have designated Bike Parking areas at each checkpoint, however they may not be monitored by our volunteers. We have a Bike Security Zone, manned by volunteers before the start of the race but ultimately we are not responsible for damaged or lost bikes.

How much running do we have to do?

There are no required “Running, Sprinting, or Jogging” checkpoints. You will bike between checkpoints.

Can I skip challenges?

Yes, teams may skip any checkpoint that they feel uncomfortable completing. All challenges will be safe and fun. However some may be more difficult or demanding than others.

You also may choose to strategically skip checkpoints with longer lines, to save more time for the other checkpoints.

I want to sign up but I don't know the course.

No one does! The course map is stowed away deep in an underground bunker that General Wayne used back in his time. The map will be released to each team 30 minutes before the start of the race where you will have time to study and create a plan of attack.

What's the point of this race?

Downtown Fort Wayne is full of hidden gems, where someone like yourself can have a good time.  This race is designed to highlight them!

Can my teammate do a challenge while I do another one?

No. Each team member must travel together at all times and do the same challenge simultaneously. Once a challenge is completed your team will be able to move on to your next checkpoint.

What happens if rains the day of the race?

The show must go on! To be honest, you’re probably going to get wet during the race anyway. Safety is our top priority. Therefore we will monitor the weather and if need be we will adjust the challenges accordingly.

I have 6 people that want to join, can we all be on one team?

Negative. However this doesn’t mean they can’t race, they can sign up in teams of two and everyone can tag along together.

Will we have to swim in the river?

Nope. All swimming challenges will take place at indoor or outdoor pools. However, there may be river challenges in which you may get wet on the river.

Can we use a GoPro?

Absolutely!  You may use a GoPro, however, some checkpoints may require you to take it off.

Will I be at a disadvantage coming from out of town?

Nope.  We will provide detailed maps where each checkpoint is located.  You may also choose to bring your own paper map.  Any digital or GPS devices will NOT be allowed.