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Citing and referencing: web sites and social media marketing

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Citing and referencing: web sites and social media marketing

Internet sites and media that are social

Information from internet sites and social media marketing (including blog sites, newsgroups, on the web forums, Twitter and Facebook)


  • A document on line ( perhaps maybe not just a journal article) may also be an online Word or .pdf file, offered by a web site or website. It may consist of federal federal government magazines, curriculum documents and policy papers. A document on the internet is referenced differently to a site (see below).
  • Italicise the title of a standalone document discovered on line. Try not to italicise the games of websites or web sites.
  • Utilize the year of book, or if the foundation undergoes regular modification make use of the most current change.
  • Utilize n.d. (no date) where no book date can be obtained.
  • Where no writer can be acquired, move the organization behind the web site, or the name, towards the writer room.
  • For forums articles consist of exact date of publishing.
  • Whenever citing a whole site or web page rather than any document in particular or paraphrasing or direct quoting from the page/site it really is adequate to offer the target for the web site within the text (no guide list entry is necessary). Read More